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London Ontario's growing "Sharps" problem

The other day, I was waiting for my morning bus to work (Dundas and Maitland). The groundskeeper from the church (Dundas Street Central United Church) came over and disposed of material in the street garbage container. He came back a short time later with more material to dispose of, and he remarked to me, “It’s a sad state of affairs”  then told me he had collected fifty (50) used “needles” (syringes) on the church property that morning. At first, I was concerned he was disposing of the used syringes in the City garbage, but I soon didn’t care if he was. If the City is going to give free syringes to irresponsible drug users, then the City should have to deal with the discarded used syringes private property owners have to collect.

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Instructing workers on the job

One of the worst things for an employee to go through while new to a job is having a lack of training. Employers today seem to have no idea how to properly instruct new employees to do the jobs they hired them to do. How many times has a new worker been told that he or she is doing it wrong well into the job? How many times has a new worker wondered what he or she is to do because the job has not been correctly explained? It has happened to me more times than I can remember, and having to now go through it again with a new job, I am long since fed up with it.

Poor job training decreases employee moral, makes a worker miserable on the job, and causes an employee to become anxious before the start of each work day. It does not benefit the employer either with low productivity, missed work days, costly job errors, and a high resignation rate by employees who just cannot take the job anymore. If a worker cannot do his or her job with confidence he or she feels worthless making demoralising mistakes on the job that could easly be prevented with correct instruction. Employers today need to learn how to instruct workers on the job.

Problems in Supervision: Instructing Workers on the Job

Problems in Supervision: Instructing the Blind Worker on the Job

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Mac Siri, Dictation, and Speakable Items privacy

Having recently upgraded my OS to High Sierra, I now have the Ask Siri application. When one asks Siri a question, or gives Siri an instruction, the request is sent via the Internet to Apple.

When you use Ask Siri and non-Enhanced Dictation the things you say and dictate will be recorded and sent to Apple to process your requests. Your device will also send Apple other information, such as your name and nickname; the names, nicknames, and relationship with you (e.g., “my dad”) of your contacts, music you enjoy, the names of your photo albums, the names of Apps installed on your device (collectively, your “User Data”). All of this data is used to help Ask Siri and Dictation on your Mac understand you better and recognize what you say. It is not linked to other data that Apple may have from your use of other Apple services.

Source: System Preferences - Siri - Siri suggestions and privacy - About Siri and privacy

This is why I choose not to use Ask Siri. I want to protect my privacy, and Apple's vague privacy policy is not good enough for me.

You may choose to turn off Ask Siri or Dictation at any time. To turn off Ask Siri, open System Preferences on your Mac, click Siri, and uncheck the “Enable Ask Siri” box. To turn off Dictation, open System Preferences, click Keyboard, click Dictation, and click the Dictation “Off” radio button.  If you turn off both Ask Siri and Dictation, Apple will delete your User Data, as well as your recent voice input data. Older voice input data that has been disassociated from you may be retained for a period of time to generally improve Ask Siri, Dictation and dictation functionality in other Apple products and services. This voice input data may include audio files and transcripts of what you said, related diagnostic data, such as hardware and operating system specifications and performance statistics, and the approximate location of your device at the time the request was made.

Source: System Preferences - Siri - Siri suggestions and privacy - About Siri and privacy

My old iBook G4 has an application that once came with every Mac computer. It is called Speakable Items, and it is similar to Siri except that Speakable Items does not need an Internet connection to work. Meaning it does not record anything, or send anything to Apple. It does not need to. It is completely private. Speakable Items is now called Dictation, but one must select "Enhanced Dictation" to prevent voice commands being sent to Apple. Enhanced Dictation also does not respond to voice commands with a computer voice like Speakable Items and Siri does. It only makes a annoying confirmation sound to each command that cannot be changed. Now there is Siri that is very easy and inviting to use that collects personal data of its users and sends it to Apple. Apple's invasion of my privacy is moving me more and more towards leaving Apple products.

Siri can be set to respond to typing instead of using voice control. What is typed is also sent to Apple. (System Preferences - Accessibility - Siri - Enable Type to Siri)

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Still getting it wrong about the political Left and Right

If you are confused about the political Left and Right, you are not alone. Learn the difference between what is the political Left and what is the political Right in this short video.
This video was created of my own accord. I am not affiliated with Just Right Media.
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I dislike daylight saving time.

If you are like me, you do not like the clock going ahead one hour in the spring, and going back one hour in the autumn.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of setting the clocks forward one hour from standard time during the summer months, and back again in the fall, in order to make better use of natural daylight.

History of Daylight Saving Time (DST). First Used in Canada in 1908. Germany Popularized DST.

In Canada, each province is permitted to use or not use DST. All Canadian provinces fully use DST except the province of Saskatchewan where only some parts of the province use DST. Getting DST abolished in my province of Ontario is a long shot because most people do not know that any province in Canada may choose to end the practice of DST.

In personal protest of DST, I have decided to set my wristwatch (computers and smartphones automatically set the time to DST) to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) that remains the same throughout the year. No more adjusting the clock.

Alice’s Adventure In Wonderland: Chapter 7: A Mad Tea-Party

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Ontario winter-grade gasoline price decline

Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament), Prabmeet Sarkaria, has posted photos online (Twitter, November 29, 2018) that members of his constituents have sent him of retail gasoline station price signs. The reason for the photos is the assumption that the cancellation of the planned provincial ’carbon tax’ by the newly elected Ontario PC government has brought down, or maintained, the price of retail gasoline at the pumps. As an MPP, Prabmeet Sarkaria has, predictively, joined in that assumption. The truth is different.

I fully agree with the scrapping of the planned Ontario ‘carbon tax'; however, applauding and praising the government for the current lower gasoline prices is absurd. Retail gasoline prices can rise and fall for a variety of reasons (taxes, price of crude oil, refining and marketing costs, cost of wholesale gasoline) and one of the reasons for a decline in retail gasoline prices at the pumps can be the switch by refiners from producing summer-grade gasoline to producing winter-grade gasoline.

Summer-grade gasoline is a government mandated gasoline blend intended to control warm weather ground-level ozone that can be harmful. Summer-grade gasoline costs refiners several cents per litre more to produce compared with winter-grade gasoline, and this is why gasoline prices can decline in winter and can rise in summer as refiners switch from one grade to the other.

It is true the 'carbon tax', had it been put into effect, would have increased the price of retail gasoline; however, any politician who is trying to take credit for a decline in gasoline prices at the pumps because of the elimination of the planned ‘carbon tax’ is trying to take credit where credit is not due.

If the Ontario PC government was serious about reducing the price of retail gasoline then it would abolish the per litre provincal gasoline tax that has been in place since 1925 and that has increased to 15 cents per litre since then.

(c) Trevor Dailey

My Bitchute channel

After deciding to post some of my experiential videos online to see where it goes, I tried YouTube and Vimeo, getting no views after days and days; I tried Bitchute, and the views started almost immediately.

Trevor Dailey's Bitchute Channel

P.S. I recommend these Bitchute channels:

Matt Christiansen

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Just Right Media

Just Right Media’s anchor is the radio program Just Right; a weekly hour-long presentation of events and issues from the perspective of individualism and capitalism.

Just Right began broadcasting on April 19, 2007 from CHRW 94.9 in London, Ontario. After being banned from CHRW for its political views Just Right began broadcasting on WBCQ in Monticello Maine on 7490 KHz shortwave from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time and from Channel 292 Germany on 6070 KHz from 1900 UTC to 2000 UTC.

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Just Right's video collection includes exclusive coverage of people like Jordan Peterson, Christopher Monckton, Gad Saad, and Lindsay Shepherd.

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Just Right Media: Bill Cosby's corrupt judicial conviction

The presumption of innocence imposes on the prosecution the burden of proving the charge and guarantees that no guilt can be presumed until the charge has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

The right to a fair and public criminal trial or a fair and public hearing in civil proceedings is one of the guarantees in relation to legal proceedings. Fair trial and fair hearing rights include:

  • that all persons are equal before courts and tribunals
  • the right to a fair and public hearing before a competent, independent and impartial court or tribunal established by law.

The other guarantees are the presumption of innocence, and minimum guarantees in criminal proceedings, such as the right to counsel and not to be compelled to self-incriminate.

November, 27, 2014, #378 – Bill Cosby – Separating the artist from the art / Objectivism’s Catch-22


00:07 Bill Cosby – art vs artist: boycotting Bill Cosby, confusing the art with the artist, personal lives of actors, boycott injustice

14:30 Just beCos: allegations against Bill Cosby, Spanish fly, taking allegations seriously, victim responsibility, court of public opinion, the court of due process

34:30 CULT-ivating a rational philosophy: cult vs philosophy, Objectivism as a cult, Ayn Rand, followers

40:03 Objection to Objectivism?: Simon O’Riordan commentary, Federal Aviation Authority, Ayn Rand Institute, philosophy of Objectivism, Leonard Peikoff, cultish view, Catch-22s, truth and bromide, Randroids, cults that aren’t, Who is John Galt?

58:16 END

January, 08, 2015, #382 – Bill Cosby – The two courts / Childhood’s End – Arthur C. Clarke revisited


00:07 The two courts: Bill Cosby in London, allegations against Bill Cosby, court of public opinion, court of law, presumption of innocence, political opportunism, Jane Piper

19:20 Court of no defence: Megan Walker, Anne Bokma, Bill Cosby, Andy Oudman, court of law vs court of public opinion, courting no defence, lack of evidence, feminism and feminists, public lynching, reputation

29:30 Childhood’s End – Arthur C. Clarke revisited: 2001-A Space Odyssey, Arthur C. Clarke, science and science fiction, retrospective view of earlier science fiction, Clarke’s view of humanity

41:20 Heinlein vs Asimov vs Card: individualism vs collective, Robert A Heinlein’s view of the heroic man, Heinlein’s political views, Time Enough For Love, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game, audio books vs written word

54:50 END

January, 22, 2015, #384 – Bill Cosby vs the tabloid press / Do animals have rights?


00:07 UFOs vs Bill Cosby: continuing allegations against Bill Cosby, critical mass, playing the numbers against Cosby, UFO sighting comparison, unidentified feminist objectives behind the Cosby controversy

10:45 Consider the source – tabloid trash: Cosby allegations are not new, checking the facts, feminism, Megan Walker, London Abused Women’s Centre is a feminist centre, Cosby performance in Denver, Chloe Goins’ toe-sucking allegation, guilty until proven innocent, Goins’ allegation demonstrated false, Beth Ferrier allegation bought by National Enquirer for exclusive story

29:50 Animals – rights, status, or property:  animal welfare, animal rights, torture of animals, giving animals status in law, Ayn Rand’s theory of rights, Craig Biddle of the Objective Standard, God – government – nature, inalienable rights, observation-based morality, process of life

41:55 Don’t ask Alice: Why Alice the chicken doesn’t have rights, volition vs instinct, reason and rights, social context, the nature of the object, animate vs inanimate objects, status for animals, status for humans, sentient, custody of animals, gradation of ownership principles, humane treatment of animals

57:54 END

February, 05, 2015, #386 – Affirmative offence / Affirmative conspiracy / Who is Ayn Rand?


00:07 Affirmatively offensive: feminist boycott of Fifty Shades, affirmative consent, Kathleen Wynne’s sexual education curriculum for Ontario, media updates on affirmative consent, negative consequences to affirmative consent

14:42 Affirmative conspiracy: Ontario Human Rights tribunal, allegations proved false when conspiracy uncovered, Katherine McKee’s allegation against Bill Cosby, redefining rape, obliterating the concept of consent

29:35 Who is Ayn Rand?: Ayn Rand under attack, personal vs principle, philosophy is an unknown field, ridiculing Rand, hating the good for being good, rejecting the discipline of being objective, many philosophers to ridicule – only one ridiculed

46:45 The Ayn Rand haters: videos featuring Ayn Rand, lack of reputable criticisms against Rand, critics ignorant of philosophy, rational self-interest as the moral standard, the Rand haters, capitalism vs force, a philosophy for living life on this earth

57:30 END

February, 26, 2015, #389 – Bill Cosby’s shady accusers / Consent vs ‘affirmative consent’


00:07 Shady Characters – Cosby’s accusers: Bill Cosby lawsuit, a review of Cosby’s accusers, Lachele Covington, Shawn Brown, Carla Ferrigno, Joyce Emmons, Chloe Goins, Beth Ferrier, Cidra Ladd, Kathrine McKee, attorney Gloria Allred, women now empowered

17:15 Thirty-three shades of one allegation: more Cosby accusers, Linda Brown, Lise-Lotte Lublin, Tamara Green, Linda Joy Traitz, Therese Serignese, patterns of allegation, patterns of complainants

30:20 Fifty shades of grey – bound to consent: Fifty Shades of Grey, feminist protests, bondage, consent, legal definition of consent

39:40 Two shades of black and white – consent vs affirmative consent: Freedom Party red alert on redefinition of consent in Ontario Curriculum, ‘yes’ does not always mean consent, children knowing vs understanding, affirmative consent, political monopolies, state education

53:20 END

July 16, 2015, #409 – Still be’Cos / The immoral of the story / Breaking the law…of causality


00:07 Still be’Cos: Bill Cosby new revelation, re-cap of Cosby circumstances, a red herring – the statute of limitations, guilt before innocence, defamation accusations

22:05 The immoral of the story: double standards on drug and alcohol use, Cosby under attack because of his conservative politics, Cosby’s pound cake speech, court punishing Cosby for being a public moralist, public interest used as grounds for opening sealed court documents

36:05 Breaking the law – of causality: time travel and its implications, preventative history, killing Hitler fantasies, fascist Germany a product of philosophy, time travel paradox

48:30 No time for space, no space for time: space-time or time and space, difficulties with describing the nature of the universe, speed of light, theory of relativity, the fabric of space, the limit of the universe, size of the universe

1:02:04 END

July 30, 2015, #411 – Feminism’s cause is feminism’s ‘Cos / Bill Cosby allegation invalidations


00:07 Feminism’s cause is feminism’s ‘Cos: Bill Cosby, New York Magazine on Cosby, same old stories and allegations, feminism’s unmentionable agenda against Cosby, smearing Cosby’s defenders

28:10 Allegation invalidation: New York Times release of Cosby’s deposition, Cosby’s reactions to Andrea Constand’s allegations, once seduction now rape, not justice but validation

35:20 Feminism’s double standard: Camille Paglia on Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby, feminism’s support of the left and attacks on the right, demonizing masculinity

49:20 Bill Cosby – summary convictions: feminism’s exploitation of the Cosby allegations, keeping the allegations in the court of public opinion, making unproven rape allegations socially acceptable, somebody’s lying or the issue is consent

1:02:11 END

August 20, 2015, #414 – Black Sails / From anarchy to self-government


00:07 Power in the telling: too much scripted TV, scripted TV programs, fixed audience, finding good television shows, TV listings, 300-400 scripted TV shows currently in production, no fixed markets, the power of scripted television, editorializing by script, TV recommendation – Black Sails

18:40 Sailing from anarchy to self-government: Black Sails – the TV series, masterful storytelling, review samplings, adult content, story-driven plot and theme

36:20 Some things are black and black: Black Sails – a story of power, piracy, voting, turning plunder into trade and profit, law, order, establishment of legal authority, monarchy, libertarian ideal, no governance vs good governance

50:25 Courting the public court: latest Bill Cosby allegations, Gloria Allred’s call for a public debate, three more women make allegations against Cosby, Cosby’s philosophy on sex

59:16 END

September 10, 2015, #417 – Affirmative consent / Campus courts & jesters / Politically cracked / The farce estate


00:07 Consent clearly defiled: conflicting definitions of consent, affirmative consent, legal definition of consent, verbal – not affirmative, myth of the rape culture

17:20 Politically cracked ideology: sex as a biological imperative, men view sex as an end in itself, women view sex as a means to an end, the ‘Consent Conscious Kit’, affirmative consent is impossible consent

30:30 Campus courts and jesters: campus sex courts, American Department of Education rules on affirmative consent, sexual violence and alcohol, restoring presumption of innocence to college campuses

41:55 The farce estate: ABC news Network Forces Whoopi Goldberg to reverse her support of Bill Cosby, Goldberg has nothing to apologize for, censoring the discussion about affirmative consent and presumption of innocence

58:35 END

January 14, 2016, #435 – George Jonas – A farewell / The right vocabulary / Bill Cosby and the corruption of justice


00:03 Bye George! in praise of George Jonas, National Post, journalism, Jonas on immigration as invasion, competing identities of the new immigrants, Justin Trudeau’s hypocrisy, Jonas the poet, aboriginal science, ideological fanatics in universities, Jonas on international courts

15:55 The right vocabulary: terms of experience, losing our understanding of culture and politics, Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz, a vocabulary of freedom, freedom misunderstood, freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, Freedom Party of Ontario, freedom in a political context, freedom is not freedom from government, right and rights are moral concepts, individual rights – not group rights, no such thing as animal rights, Constitutional rights vs natural rights

28:47 Corruption of justice: Bill Cosby charges, still innocent until proven guilty, feminist Megan Walker, feminist Gloria Allred, allegations vs the known facts, fourteen things you should know about the Cosby controversy, affirmative consent is an anti-concept, principle of justice under attack

49:35 Many women do lie: a brief review of a few Cosby allegers, Gloria Allred’s legal strategy and political objectives, Cosby’s defence, Cosby’s counter-suits, the judgment vacuum

59:42 END

February 11, 2016, #439 – Feminism – The uncivilizing force / The court of gender bias


00:03 Parallels – Cosby and Ghomeshi: stunning testimonies at the Jian Ghomeshi trial, a brief account of the collapsing case against Ghomeshi, complainants all lied, parallel profiles of Cosby and Ghomeshi

14:50 Court of gender bias: denying the evidence to promote a cause, innocent until proven guilty, siding with the wrong victim, determining guilt by numbers, feminist Megan Walker, lawyer Gordon Cudmore, complainant Lucy DeCoutere, the unconscionable court of public opinion

29:35 Uncivilizing force – Feminism: male feminists, feminism’s objectives, civilizing sexes, differences in sexual attitudes are cultural – not gender based, lying as the new normal

42:40 Gender morality? Angus Reid gender poll, differences in gender attitudes, differing moral views on pornography, Gawronski Study – University of Texas, moral dilemmas – differing gender responses, women identify with victims, moral condemnation of male sexual motivation, subjective moralities vs objective morality, legitimacy of feelings, consent as a condition

59:42 END

August, 03, 2017, #516 – Intentional omissions of truth

What do Bill Cosby and Donald Trump have in common? More than you might think.

One thing they have in common is the way in which the “establishment media” has been delivering the narrative on each of these two individuals’ on-going public stories.

The other thing they have in common is that both Trump and Cosby are under attack by the political Left – which is the primary source of their problems.

Regrettably, many members of the Left can be found in Republican circles, as Trump learned when Republican Senator John McCain voted against Trump’s plan to “repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Similarly, in the wake of this past June’s Bill Cosby hung jury trial, we felt it only fitting that some of the little known facts, contexts, and circumstances about this very political story should be brought again to the attention of everyone.

Following the trial, Mrs Camille Cosby hit the nail right on the head when she issued a statement summarizing much of what we have already illustrated and documented on past broadcasts of Just Right (all directly available via the Bonus Links associated with today’s show):

“How do I describe the district attorney? Heinously and exploitatively ambitious.

“How do I describe the judge? Overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney.

“How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical.

“How do I describe many, but not all, general media? Blatantly vicious entities that continually disseminated intentional omissions of truth, for the primary purpose of greedily selling sensationalism at the expense of a human life.

“Historically, people have challenged injustices.

“I am grateful to any of the jurors who tenaciously fought to review the evidence, which is the rightful way to make a sound decision. Ultimately, that is a manifestation of justice based on facts, not lies.

“As a very special friend once stated, truth can be subdued, but not destroyed.”

From all the facts we ourselves investigated, and that you can hear for yourself, Camille Cosby was Just Right.

April 12, 2018, #551 – Still negative on ‘affirmative consent’

What do ‘affirmative consent,’ ‘indigenous knowledge,’ and the trial of Bill Cosby have in common? In addition to being our discussion topics of the day, each controversy revolves around an epistemological war of words.

It’s a battle of definitions, as efforts to change or affect the social and political environment stretch beyond the political sphere. From the world of TV fantasy, monsters, and superheroes, to the real world that sometimes seems more unreal than the fantasies, the promotion of anti-concepts like ‘affirmative consent’ has already produced a host of real world injustices, not the least of which have been those directed at Bill Cosby.

Just as ‘social justice’ is not justice, so too, ‘affirmative consent’ is not consent.

And so too ‘indigenous knowledge’ is not ‘knowledge,’ particularly in the context of being used as an argument that ‘scientific knowledge is offensive.’ Nor are ‘indigenous’ rights true rights accorded to the individual. Yet these are the very things being asserted by Quebec’s indigenous leaders, at least two Quebec cabinet ministers, and several university law professors.

When efforts are being made, not to define or offer clear alternatives and choices, but rather to obliterate opposing and real concepts, then you can be certain that choice simply isn’t on the agenda of those creating the fake definitions.

The Left has long known that definitions are the mind’s operating software, the programming that determines how one thinks and acts. Control how an individual thinks, and that individual has already become a member of the collective, however defined by he-who-controls-the-definitions.

Racism and sexism are but two of the natural consequences that arise when governments legislate status according to one’s group identity, instead of protecting everyone’s rights as individuals. Racism and sexism are also quite natural results of thinking with false definitions.

In our age of scientific advancement and progress and given the dismal history and condition of collectivist societies everywhere, one would have expected that tribal thinking and its destructive consequences should have faded away ages ago. But that hasn’t happened, and collectivism continues to move us all further in the wrong direction.

For those wanting to move in the Right direction (towards freedom and not away from it), the rule as always is: “Define, or be defined.” Because without knowledge of the alternative correctly defined – individual freedom – there is simply no way for those trapped in their tribal web of despair to ever discover what is Just Right.

May, 24, 2018, #557 – The gender gap in logic

In the world of identity politics, common sense, logic, justice and reason do not rule.

Feminism is one form of identity politics – politics specifically motivated by sex and gender issues. Whether it’s the #metoo ‘movement’ or the ‘gender gap,’ feminism’s goals are all directed against the assumed superior status of men (referring to individuals who are male and possess a penis, for those confused by various ‘gender identities’).

On the social front, feminism’s success in ‘convicting’ selected males in various arbitrary courts of public opinion continues to undermine justice, both in the social sense and in the criminal sense.

On the economic front, feminism’s calls for closing the ‘gender gap’ is in fact a ‘gap’ in logic and morality. There is no such thing as a ‘gender gap.’ It’s a fiction.

A given ‘difference’ in economic status – whether in income, wealth, property, or productivity – is just that, a difference. It’s not a ‘gap.’ This principle applies not just to gender, but also to race, culture, language, intelligence, physical traits, or any other ‘group identity’ that one might imagine.

As soon as somebody calls a simple difference a ‘gap,’ you’re dealing with sinister intentions, and not with economics, nor with any injustice implied in attempting to correct the ‘gap.’ So before someone senses a contradiction, rest assured that even when it comes to logic, there are no ‘gaps.’ All that exists is a difference between the logical and the illogical.

It’s the very WORD ‘gap’ that needs to be eliminated, not the differences between people that these ‘gaps’ represent.

In order to prevent these self-evident truths from surfacing, apparently levelling arbitrary accusations of sexism, racism, and of having various cultural ‘phobias’ is now an acceptable way of debating one’s ideological opponents. These tactics are the weapons that the Left uses to ‘close’ its imaginary ‘gaps.’ It has had chilling effects on the freedom to speak out and challenge these so-called ‘gaps’ (and other fictions) in a rational way.

“Identity politics” is, frankly, simply another way of saying “racist and sexist politics” – politics based on the Leftist notion of group identities rather than on recognizing the sovereignty of the individual.

Consumed by many hatreds based on group identities (which can only lead to more irrational hatreds), the Left blames these collective hatreds on the Right in the hopes of, once again, levelling yet another imaginary ‘gap’ – a morality gap. But even here, the ‘gap’ is not a ‘gap,’ only a difference – a moral difference (i.e., between moral and immoral).

Unfortunately, Leftists’ hurling of ‘hate speech’ accusations has been most effective in silencing those against whom the accusations were made, irrespective of the facts. After all, who wants to be associated with ‘hating’ and isn’t ‘hate’ always something to be fought and eliminated?

Well, actually, no.

The belief that ‘all hate’ should be eliminated is both wrong and hypocritical. Even ‘hating hate’ is still ‘hate.’ What those intent on ‘eliminating hate’ really mean is eliminating free speech.

When it come to ‘hate,’ the Left hates individualism, freedom, free speech, private property rights, justice, and capitalism, to name but a few hatreds of the Left. Worse, the Left doesn’t tolerate anyone on the Right talking about those hated things.

Once it’s understood what the Left hates, then it should also be understood why hating what’s Left is Just Right.

[Bill Cosby topic begins at 37:20 into the broadcast]

Source: Just Right Media

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The Ontario “buck-a-beer” deception

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford has announced a “buck-a-beer” will be coming to Ontario soon. I could not care any less than I already do about the price of beer, I drink so occasionally one could argue I do not drink at all, but I get annoyed when I hear Premier Ford say “a buck-a-beer” because it is dishonest. First, let us turn the clock back for a brief history lesson to explain how we arrived at this “buck-a-beer” in the first place.

In 1915, there were 49 beer manufactures in Ontario. Under the Conservative government of Premier William Howard Hearst, Ontario enacted prohibitions of alcohol by means of The Ontario Temperance Act in 1916 when there were 65 breweries in Ontario. By 1917, the number of Ontario breweries was 23. When the Conservative government of Premier Howard Ferguson ended Prohibition in Ontario in 1927, there were only 15 beer manufactures left in the province. In 11 years, the Conservative government had almost completely destroyed the beer manufacturing industry in Ontario with Prohibition.

Since 1927, the Ontario government has strictly controlled the production, distribution, sale, purchase, and consumption of all alcohol in the province of Ontario with the Liquor Licence Act. In place of prohibition, the Conservative government created the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) in 1927. The LCBO was incorporated into a Crown Corporation by the Ontario Progressive Conservative government of Premier Bill Davis in 1975. Premier Ferguson forced the remaining beer manufactures into a LCBO overseen cooperative in 1927, and over the years, as a result of sales, buyouts, and mergers, only three beer manufactures remain in the cooperative that are today all foreign owned. Labatt (49% ownership) is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev (Belgium), Molson-Coors (49% ownership) is owned by Coors (USA), and Sleeman (2% ownership) is owned by Sapporo (Japan). This government created privately owned beer oligopoly, Brewers Retail Inc., controls about 80% of the retail beer sales in Ontario through its chain of Beer Store brand retail stores. During Ontario's Progressive Conservative government of Premier Mike Harris, the LCBO made a nonpublic agreement with Brewers Retail Inc. in 2000 giving the Beer Store exclusive right to sell the most popular brands of beer to bars and restaurants and the exclusive right to retail 12 and 24 packs of beer. In the interest of temperance and moderation, that has been at the core of the LCBO since 1927, the LCBO sets the minimum price of alcohol for sale in Ontario. The current minimum price for non-draft retail beer sold in Ontario is approximately $3.00 per litre, and that works out to be around $1.25 a bottle or can. This is where we come to the “buck-a-beer” promise.


Premier Ford wants to reduce the minimum price of any non-draft beer with an alcohol volume below 5.6 per cent in Ontario to $1.00. The last time beer was at that minimum price was 2007.

Lakeport Brewery in Hamilton sold its beer for “24 for 24” from 2002 to 2006, and heavily advertised this, helping to increase its market share. Teresa Cascioli, who became CEO of Lakeport in 1999, brought the company far away from its 1998 bankruptcy in just eight years. Lakeport was bought by Labatt in 2007 for $201 million, the brewery was permanently closed by Labatt in 2010, 143 employees lost their jobs, and production transferred to the Labatt plant in London. Just because beer manufactures may sell a beer for one dollar does not mean they are going to do it, especially if it undercuts their premium beer brands. That is exactly what Lakeport was doing to Labatt by selling its beer for $1.00 before Labatt bought Lakeport; the brewery that had become a source of continual annoyance and trouble for the big three beer manufactures of Brewers Retail Inc.

The former Lakeport brewery, located at a historical Hamilton brewery built in 1947, was stripped of all brewing equipment and brewing infrastructure and the plant gutted and sabotaged by Labatt. The brewing equipment was sold for scrap. Concrete was poured into some of the building's drains to prevent any large scale brewery operation there ever again. Labatt refused to sell the Lakeport concern or lease the building to any beer manufacture.

The minimum retail price for non-draft beer was raised from $1.00 to $1.06 by the LCBO in 2008.

In 2018, it is improbable any beer manufacture could make a profit regularly selling its beer for only $1.00 because of the low beer quality, federal and provincial taxes, and production costs. As Teresa Cascioli said during Lakeport's "24 for 24" years:

Obviously, the business fundamentals have to be there, whether it's toothpaste or beer, supply and demand have to go hand in hand, and there has to be profitability for the manufacturer.

There may be one or two brewers willing to sell their beer at the minimum price of $1.00, but Labatt is not going to sell Budweiser, that has been one of Ontario’s top selling premium beers for decades, for a price of only $1.00 anymore than it is going to sell it for the current minimum price of $1.25. Few brewers sell their beer at discount prices at the current beer price minimum of $1.25. The motivation for this reduction in the minimum price of beer appears to be the claim by Premier Ford that lowering the minimum price of beer will create competition among beer manufactures and stop “lining the pockets” of the beer oligopoly. This is complete nonsense. The beer oligopoly is just that, an oligopoly.


If Doug Ford was honest, he would eliminate the minimum retail price for beer, lower the provincial taxes on beer, he would get rid of the LCBO, and he would break up the beer oligopoly. This will not happen because it was the Conservative government that enacted prohibition in 1916, created the LCBO and the beer oligopoly in 1927, incorporated the LCBO into a Crown corporation in 1975, granted Brewers Retail Inc. exclusive rights in 2000, and supports temperance at the same time it collects massive alcohol tax revenues reaching a record of $5.89 billion in 2016-17.

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Canada's morally wrong supply management system

This is a chapter from an unpublished book by Conservative MP Maxime Bernier that was made available online by both Bernier and his publisher regarding Canada’s supply management system.

Government imposed supply management controls the domestic production, prices, and imports of all poultry and dairy products ensuring there is no free market in these goods in Canada resulting in Canadian consumers paying unnecessarily higher prices for these products to give wealthy Canadian farmers a guaranteed income.

The first one is the control of production, so that the amount of milk, eggs and poultry on the market is restricted to what Canadians are expected to consume. A national marketing agency determines that amount and sets production quotas for each province. Provincial boards are responsible for selling quotas among farmers, who are strictly forbidden to produce any more than they’re told to.

The second pillar is the fixing, by bureaucratic agencies, of the prices that processors have to pay farmers for each category of product.

The third pillar is import control. Like any closed and rigid system controlled by government—or by semi-autonomous bureaucratic agencies that get their power from government—this one also has to prevent outside influence. The Soviet Union forbade its citizens from traveling abroad, or reading or listening to news from other countries. Preventing information from free countries from infecting the minds of Soviet citizens was a necessary “pillar” of the power of the Communist Party. In the case of supply management, beyond the very small amounts that are allowed into Canada tariff free, foreign products are hit by import tariffs that range from about 150% for turkey and eggs, to about 250% for chicken, yogurt and cheese, and 300% for butter. Obviously, no one would buy any imported good that costs three or four times more than the local one.

It should be clear that this is a transfer of wealth from the poorest to some of the richest in our society. Farming families working under supply management are indeed far richer than most Canadian families. Average after-tax income of all households in Canada is $69,100. By comparison, the average dairy farming household income is $147,800, and the number is $180,400 for poultry-farming households.

Moreover, many of these families are paper millionaires, thanks to the value of their quotas. The average net worth of a dairy farmer is $3.8 million while that of poultry and egg farmers is $5.9 million.

Supply management is a morally wrong communist based system created by the Liberal government of socialist Pierre Trudeau decades ago, and is today fully supported and defended by the Conservative Party.

It’s no surprise that the government that adopted supply management was the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau. Trudeau was a typical left-wing intellectual. Born to a wealthy family, he didn’t have to work to earn his living and had spent part of his adult life as a bohemian writer and traveller. He was an admirer of communist China and Cuba, and a big fan of Fidel Castro. Before running as a Liberal in the late 1960s, he had been a supporter of the CCF/NDP. He had zero understanding of economics.

From the very beginning to the very end, one policy issue was at the centre of my campaign for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada: supply management in agriculture. This is the system established by Pierre Trudeau’s government in the early 1970s that keeps the prices of dairy, poultry, and eggs artificially high. As I said repeatedly during the campaign, it’s a cartel. It’s the total opposite of a free market, and a conservative party should not be supporting it.

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One dollar beer in Ontario is not that simple

Progressive Conservative Premier elect Doug Ford has mentioned he will bring the price of a single beer in Ontario down to one dollar each. Put simply, Doug Ford says a ‘buck a beer’ for Ontario.

Ways beer in the province of Ontario is controlled is: where and how beer is sold in Ontario, and the price of beer in Ontario. Beer in Ontario may only be sold through The Beer Store, that is the name of a chain of retail beer outlets that controls about 80% of the market, from retail stores attached to a brewery approved by the government of Ontario, from provincial government licenced establishments (restaurants, bars, hotels, special events, etc.), and in limited quantities at the provincial government monopoly LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores. The Beer Store is an oligopoly that was created by the Conservative government in 1927 at the end of Prohibition in Ontario.

There were 64 breweries in Ontario in 1916, when the Conservative government of Ontario enacted Prohibition, and only 15 left after the Conservative government of Ontario ended Prohibition in 1927. Those remaining 15 breweries were forced into a LCBO regulated cooperative by provincial legislation. Beer was to be sold from warehouses inspected and overseen by the LCBO. Minimum beer prices are set by the LCBO. Brewer's Warehousing Co., became Brewers Retail Inc., which became The Beer Store. Over the years, breweries were bought out by the other breweries until there were only three large breweries in control of the cooperative. Those three have since been sold to foreign corporations. Labatt is owned by AB InBev (Belgium), Molson is owned by Coors (USA), and Sleeman is owned by Sapporo (Japan).

The beer oligopoly’s producers and sellers want to keep their beer prices profitable. The LCBO wants to keep beer prices high claiming they are safe guarding the public by not allowing cheap alcohol to be sold through a "social responsibility" mandate of 1993 that adds to its existing temperance mandate from 1927. The provincial government wants the large amount of revenue the provincial government gets from taxing beer.

Either Doug Ford does not know what he is talking about when he says ‘a buck a beer’, or Doug Ford is lying.

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Ontario government to bring back ‘buck-a-beer’ by Labour Day, source says