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Who lost the 2018 Ontario general election?

If one listens to the common voice, one may conclude the Liberals were the ones who lost in the 2018 Ontario general election. The Liberals were the ones who were trounced, falling from a majority government to a party without official party status in the Ontario Legislature, the greatest defeat in the Liberal Party’s history. The Liberals lost the election, but the Liberals did not lose.

The Progressive Conservative Party called itself a ’big tent party” during the election campaign, meaning all were welcome within the PC party; socialist Liberals, communist NDP, it did not matter, everyone was encouraged to join, and many did. Liberals joined the PC Party, and some even became PC candidates appointed by PC Party Leader Doug Ford himself. When the PC Party won the election, so did a portion of the Liberal Party. This was not done through infiltration, this was done by invitation. The PC Party is a socialist party, and socialist Liberal, and communist NDP, fit right in. All three major Ontario parties, PC, Liberal, and NDP are just branches of the same socialist party. One only needs to look at the Ontario Legislature to see more evidence of this.

During the 15 years the socialist Liberals were in power, the socialist PCs were the Official Opposition in the Ontario Legislature. That would be in name only because the PCs were of little genuine opposition to the Liberals. It was difficult for the PCs to oppose the socialist policies of the Liberal government when the PCs in opposition agreeed with almost all of them. What have the results of this latest election brought? The political Left NDP now sits as the official opposition in the Ontario Legislature. The political Right PC party sits as Ontario’s government.

By thunder! Katy, bar the door! The Left in Official Opposition and the Right in government in the Ontario Legislature! Tempers will flare! Shouting! Cursing! Furious arguments! Objects may be thrown! This could be the most rowdy Ontario Legislature ever! Wrong.

The PCs are not on the Right. The PCs are on the Left, along with the NDP, the Liberals, and the Greens. They all agree on every major policy. The PCs are socialists. The NDP are socialists. The Liberals are socialists. The Greens are socialists. The socialists won the election. Freedom and capitalism lost the election.

© Trevor Dailey

Political fools

The 2018 Ontario general election is almost officially in the books. Of the four parties that now hold seats in the Ontario Legislature (PC Party of Ontario - 76, Ontario NDP - 40, Ontario Liberal Party - 7, Green Party of Ontario - 1) all are socialist parties. That means 98% of the total votes cast were for these socialist parties. All these parties have either similar or identical policies. There is no significant difference between any of them regarding main policies. Not one ever speaks of freedom or capitalism because they are all socialists.

The voters of Ontario wrongly think they voted for change by giving the former majority Liberal government a devastating loss, and voting in a majority PC government. Different captain, same ship, same course, same destination, same destruction. The truth is the Liberals did nothing they were not voted in to do. The problem is most people vote without knowing what they are voting for because they do not take the time and effort required to learn what they are voting for.

The PCs are just as bad as the Liberals. The professed alternative to the Liberals, the PCs will continue on with the anti-freedom and anti-capitalistic policies of the former Liberal government. The NDP is the worst of the four, a self-proclaimed communist party, and is now the Official Opposition in the Ontario Legislature. The Green Party is a socialist party supported by the socialist PC Party to take votes away from the socialist Liberal and communist NDP parties.

My party, Freedom Party, received a very disappointing 0.04% of the total vote. I will be voting Freedom Party again in the next election. The continued destruction of the province of Ontario will not be my fault.

Anyone can be fooled. The people who are the most easily fooled are usually the people who think they can not be fooled; and they often fool themselves.

© Trevor Dailey

Freedom Party excluded from broadcasted debates

If one thinks the Province of Ontario is not already a socialist, communist, fascist province with an equally socialist, communist, fascist mainstream news media, then one is dead wrong. All three of the political parties holding seats in the Ontario Legislature, Liberal, New Democratic Party (NDP) Progressive Conservative (PC) are parts of the same larger socialist political party. These three political parties and the mainstream news media are evil and morally depraved. Freedom Party of Ontario is the only political party in Ontario that is fighting for, not against, the people of Ontario

E-mailer from FP President Robert Metz to members and supporters of Freedom Party of Ontario concerning efforts by former Progressive Conservative candidates to discourage media from including Freedom Party candidates in broadcasted candidates debates.

Source: MAILER: 2018 Provincial Election – Freedom Party excluded from broadcasted debates

On May 22, 2018, the Craig Needles Show (radio AM980, London, Ontario) hosted a debate among the PC, Liberal, NDP, and Green Party candidates in the riding of London North Centre in advance of the June 7, 2018 Ontario provincial general election. FP leader Paul McKeever was not invited even though he was one of the candidates in the riding.

Source: Progressive Conservatives on Craig Needles’ show reject FP’s inclusion in debates

© Trevor Dailey

And if I were elected


If elected, what will you do to ensure Ontario meets its 2030 Paris Agreement commitments on climate change?

Trevor Dailey: I will do nothing. Humans do not control the climate, nature does. The climate has changed considerably many times over billions of years. The climate is always changing. Nature does whatever she wants to do, whenever she wants to do it. She always has, she always will, and it is normal. Why is it now called climate change instead of global warming? I already know the answer to that question.


40% of food in Canada is wasted. What will you do to address food waste?

Trevor Dailey: I will do nothing. Who should think people having more food than they can eat is a problem? We live in a country where people can waste food, be picky eaters, and not go hungry. Many countries of the world do not have this prosperity. There is no food waste in a country where the people are starving. Would living in a country where the people are starving be better than living in Canada? I think not.


The use of neonicotinoid pesticides is a leading cause in the decline of bee populations in Ontario and around the world. Would you support a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides and invest in identifying and promoting pollinator-friendly alternatives to pesticides for agriculture?

Trevor Dailey: No, I would not. Canada has stringent regulations on each pesticide approval and its use. Pesticide use by farmers in Canada has been declining for decades. Pesticides and their application is expensive and time consuming, so pesticides are only used by farmers when necessary. Development of pest resistant crops, another beneficial advancement environmentalists oppose, is replacing pesticide use. This is not about bees, it is about using fear, deception, misinformation, and lies to compel a worldwide ban of all pesticides. This is a common tactic used by environmentalists.


What will you do to support the development and implementation of local cycling infrastructure?

Trevor Dailey: I will do nothing. Everyone must obey the rules of the road under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act if one wants to travel on the public roads. No one group should get special treatment.


Single use plastics, microfibers and microplastics are a critical pollution problem in our local waterways and lakes. What steps will you take to address this problem?

Trevor Dailey: I will do nothing. People have the right to purchase the products they want and need. Companies have the right to produce the products people want and need. Littering is already against the law.


There are well over 200 species at risk in Ontario, a number that is growing every year and includes once-common species like Barn Swallow and Monarch butterfly. What plan (or policy) will you develop and implement to protect species at risk?

Trevor Dailey:  I will not develop nor implement any such plan nor policy. Species extinction is normal. A very few number of species have become extinct as a result of human causes, while nature has killed off more than 95 percent of all species that have ever lived on planet earth; and earth is still is the only planet we know of that supports any form of life. Count all the species that have gone extinct in the past 200 years. Count all the new alive species that have been discovered in the past 2 years.

Other Environmental Issues?

Trevor Dailey: I do not think that is a sentence.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share?

Trevor Dailey: Yes, I have. In the real meaning of the words, there is a difference between environmentalism and conservation. The former is a socialist political movement, and the latter is not. I am not an environmentalist.

Source: London Enviroment Network.

© Trevor Dailey