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What type of photographer am I?

Since 2014, I have owned a Nikon D3200 camera. This is my first 'professional' type camera. In the time I have owned my camera I have taken hundreds of photographs. Some are experimental, just for fun, or have a purpose. The camera is perfect for my current level of photography, but it has lots of room for me as I learn and grow with my photography. Having access to Lens Lenders is also a benefit. A question I have thought about is what type of photographer am I?

Judging by what I take photos of and in what situations I would probably describe myself as a 'historical' photographer. This means to me that I like to take photos to document events.

At my former place of work I took many photos related to the business. While not a perfect record any person looking at my photos long after what is there today is gone will have some information on what was there, and what we did there. A glimpse into what the business was about. Perhaps it will provide information to someone that I never thought would be important to someone.

It could be supposed that all photographers are this 'historical' type of photographer simply by what photography is. A photo is a record. However, I mostly take photos with the intention of historical preservation, so I might be a little different. Not that I expect people to be looking at my photos 100 years after I am gone, but if they do, I want my photos to be a historical record.

While many of my photos are the 'historical' type, many others are simply experimental that I delete soon after taking them. I learn best through experiment. Still other photos I take are just for fun that likely will never mean anything to anyone except me. While I am nowhere near being an expert photographer, I look forward to taking many hundreds more photos with my camera. I really just enjoy taking photos. 

© Trevor Dailey

Video: Military Police Photography (1965)


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