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Morally corrupt socialist Ontario I want my money back

Now that the 2018 Ontario general election is over, it is time for the taxpayers of Ontario to once again pay a bill they pay after every election, and this time the bill is again expensive. Ontario MPPs (Members of Provincial Parliament), and their parliamentary assistants, get large payouts in severance pay if a MPP is defeated in an election. This payout also applies if an MPP quits during his or her term in office. With 38 MPPs fired by the electorate this election, that bill comes to an estimate of $61 million dollars in departing money for those 38 Ontario MPPs. That includes approximately $67,000 for a parliamentary assistant with four years of time put in, and approximately $249,000 for a cabinet minister with eight years or more of time put in.

Depending on the circumstance of the employment ending, the average worker in Ontario is entitled to receive in severance pay a minimum 1 week pay, from 3 months to less than 1 year employment, to a maximum of 8 weeks pay, for 8 years or more of employment. The payouts to MPPs in severance pay is more than many people in Ontario earn each year working productive jobs. It gets even worse.

On April 11, 2016, [Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne] called Ontario PC leader Patrick Brown and NDP leader Andrea Horwath into her office to tell them about the legislative changes. Brown and Horwath were not happy that the initial draft of the changes had been drawn-up without their input, but all three party leaders were happy with the news that Wynne’s government would introduce a taxpayer-funded per-vote allowance for their parties (but not for almost all other registered political parties).

The new legislation banned contributions by corporations and unions. It dramatically reduced the annual contribution limit for individuals: from $9,975 to $1,200.00. It gave the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, NDP, and Greens (but not other parties) a per-vote subsidy: every ballot would now cost the taxpayer approximately $10 (even though the price of the ballot was already paid with the blood of Canadian soldiers), and all of that money would go only to the Liberals, NDP, PC, and Greens. Freedom Party and other parties were effectively excluded from the per-vote party subsidy.  The subsidy was described as a way to replace lost corporate, union, and individual voluntary contributions, but the subsidy was made so large that it pays those parties several times more than the maximum millions of dollars each party is permitted to spend in an election. It sets those parties up for several elections into the future, making it difficult for newly emerging parties to compete with them.

Freedom Party of Ontario's 2018 election platform

Ontario general election results and payouts for 2018.

PC Party of Ontario
Total votes: 2, 322, 422
Payment: $23, 224, 220

Ontario NDP
Total votes: 1, 925, 574
Payment: $19, 255, 740

Ontario Liberal Party
Total votes: 1, 123, 283
Payment: $11, 232, 830

Green Party of Ontario
Total votes: 263, 987
Payment: $2, 639, 870

Total: $56, 352, 660

Will the newly elected PC government in Ontario put a stop to this these unscrupulous payouts? Will the NDP, the Official Opposition in the Ontario Legislature, demand an end to it? Will any of the four parties in the Ontario Legislature (PC, NDP, Liberal, Green) even mention it? Why would they? They are all morally corrupt socialist parties.

Update: The Ontario government has ended the vote subsidy.

© Trevor Dailey

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