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London Ontario's growing "Sharps" problem

The other day, I was waiting for my morning bus to work (Dundas and Maitland). The groundskeeper from the church (Dundas Street Central United Church) came over and disposed of material in the street garbage container. He came back a short time later with more material to dispose of, and he remarked to me, “It’s a sad state of affairs”  then told me he had collected fifty (50) used “needles” (syringes) on the church property that morning. At first, I was concerned he was disposing of the used syringes in the City garbage, but I soon didn’t care if he was. If the City is going to give free syringes to irresponsible drug users, then the City should have to deal with the discarded used syringes private property owners have to collect.

© Trevor Dailey

Local faces of Communism

M.P. Peter Fragiskatos has his photo on LTC busses and LTC bus shelters. Seeing those images makes me feel I live in a communist country (maybe I do). That is what communist leaders do, put their faces in large images in public. I have seen the Liberals (Peter Fragiskatos), the Progressive Conservatives (former M.P. Susan Truppe), and the New Democratic Party (M.P.P Terence Kernaghan) all do it here in (communist) London, Ontario. I will be voting for anticommunist Salim Mansur in the October 2019 Canadian election.

© Trevor Dailey