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Instructing workers on the job

One of the worst things for an employee to go through while new to a job is having a lack of training. Employers today seem to have no idea how to properly instruct new employees to do the jobs they hired them to do. How many times has a new worker been told that he or she is doing it wrong well into the job? How many times has a new worker wondered what he or she is to do because the job has not been correctly explained? It has happened to me more times than I can remember, and having to now go through it again with a new job, I am long since fed up with it.

Poor job training decreases employee moral, makes a worker miserable on the job, and causes an employee to become anxious before the start of each work day. It does not benefit the employer either with low productivity, missed work days, costly job errors, and a high resignation rate by employees who just cannot take the job anymore. If a worker cannot do his or her job with confidence he or she feels worthless making demoralising mistakes on the job that could easly be prevented with correct instruction. Employers today need to learn how to instruct workers on the job.

Problems in Supervision: Instructing Workers on the Job

Problems in Supervision: Instructing the Blind Worker on the Job

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